30 Best Bathroom Tiles Ideas for Small Bathrooms with Images

Bathrooms when embellished with bathroom tiles look stunning and tasteful. Frequently termed as glamour rooms, the bathrooms can truly charm oneself by their oozing glamour and dash! Bathrooms now can act as an exquisite designer hide-away for the owner, wherein one can take a breather and enjoy, relaxing and fondling oneself. Bathroom renovations add a tone of freshness and style to your otherwise vexed bathrooms. Designer bathroom tiles can develop a dazzling and cozy ambience.

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A deluge of designs and shades are available in the tiling world that substantiates the requirements of the owner. A wide range of tiles are readily available in markets which can be used to adorn one’s bathroom. The same can be bought online with the best quoted prices, wherein, one collects information about the different types of bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles range from lustrous to matt-finish ones. The most appealing reason as to why one should opt for bathroom tiles is that they are a steadfast solution to leakage as well.

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With stylish bathroom tile pattern ideas, you can discover the far-ranging variety of tiles to add that flavor of glamour to your bathroom. Also, to break their mundane look, you can clad the bathroom walls in tasteful ceramic or porcelain tiles to give them that hospitable and warm feel! Attractive tile bathroom ideas aid in bringing that heavenly and refined look to your bathrooms. The bathroom in our houses is one such part of our house which is frequented by all family members and guests, hence the need for it to look welcoming and fresh rises.


Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

White Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Amongst the various bathroom tile layout ideas, ceramic bathroom tiles are often used in the bathrooms because of their versatile nature. They encapsulate the following crucial properties: Durableness and resistance towards dampness. Also, they prevent slipping on wet floors and do not require high maintenance. One can even customize bathroom tiles by adding your own pictures, designs etc.

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How to give your bathrooms a contemporary style and look? Use vibrant and strong colors for bathroom shower tiles. Contemporary style adornments can add on to the voguish-looking bathroom. In case of a compact bathroom, avoid using dense colors as they tend to further reduce the size of the bathroom. On the contrary, light and neutral shades, not only make the bathroom look spacious, but they also make it seem airy. Color is an important metric as far as thinking of a tile idea for bathroom is concerned as color can affect one’s mood immensely. The right color can make one feel positive and energized, whereas, when wrongly chosen, it can make someone feel morose.

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If order for you to add a romantic touch to your bathroom, use floral tiles. Floral tiles when used especially in colors such as pink, light green or blue, they further enhance the romantic image of the bathroom. Want to make them look classy? Use silk-painted bathroom tiles! While buying bathroom tiles ensure you do not spend heavily on them, An excellent variety of bathroom tiles can be purchased at a nominal rate as well.

Grey And White Bathroom Tile Ideas

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You can even go for contrasting bathroom tiles. The contrast can be in terms of color, shape or material. They give the bathroom an abstract look. One can try a contrasting set of tiles by dividing the bathroom into two halves, horizontally. If your bathroom seems to be rather plain, one can break the tiles into abstract shapes and then arrange them in odd angles.

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For making the right tile bathroom, ideas need to be brainstormed, and only then should the apt bathroom tile idea be implemented. Now the bathroom ideas for tiles should be decided upon keeping various parameters in mind, such as, durability, artistic value, non-porous nature and most of all their maintenance.

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While choosing bathroom tiles for small bathrooms, there are few needs to be kept in mind such as ,You need to click lots of pictures of your bathroom, before you set out for buying the tiles. It will enable you to select the right set of tiles. One needs to do some research on the different types of bathroom tiles that are available in the market. Once your homework is done, only then should you buy the tiles. The one which most aptly suits your needs should be chosen. An important metric in choosing a bathroom tile the size. If you have a moderate-sized bathroom, you can go in for big tiles as they give a volume to the bathroom. Small tiles, on the contrary look delicate and prettier but they are not as easy to clean.

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Color, as mentioned above, is again an important parameter. Tile texture is just as important, from a safety point of view. Bathroom floor tiles can not afford to be extra smooth as then one can slip easily. On the contrary, the tiles on the walls can be smooth, so that water does not stick to them and trickles down. This will also help keep the walls dry and prevent them from fungal growth.

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Every part of your house has some functionality attached to it. For example, the kitchen is required for cooking, dining room is required for eating your meals in etc. In a similar manner, a bathroom if designed well with an apt selection of bathroom tiles, it can serve as one’s hide-out for relaxing and rejuvenating oneself. A bathroom can be turned into a multi-specialty room, inclusive of a spa, a small space for wearing make-up, if designed well.

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Although, bathroom is not the most important part of one’s house, it sure is the first room to be visited by family and friends. Hence, bathroom tiling should be done in such a way that it has a welcoming and warm look attached to it. The essence of bathroom tiling lies in how well they bring out the true ambience of the bathroom.

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