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The Fireplace Ideas Has Been an Ancient Touch for Modern Times

Upgrading your fireplace with gas logs The popping and snapping sounds of a roaring fire on a frozen winter’s night, the life-giving warmth that holds back the cold and covers you with its soft touch, the all-encompassing smell of burning wood, and the rock fireplace which emits heat from its rigid heart. The memories come flooding back.

The Fireplace Ideas Has Been an Ancient Touch for Modern Times

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These aren’t MY memories, needless to say, and almost certainly not yours either if you grew up in the city. However, if these pictures are what comes to mind whenever you reminisce, then I am certain you can also recall wasting lots of time cleaning out the fireplace, cleaning the chimney, chopping and carrying the wood, and inhaling the fumes, smoke and ash. As can be found on Interior decor I begin choking just thinking about it. The bad memories will be ancient history, and only the positive ones will be left, if you begin using ceramic gas-burning logs instead of real wood. Being ceramic means they can last for many years while burning either propane or natural gas. Vented and vent-free are the two types of logs available.

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The type of gas-burning logs you pick will depend on a balance between aesthetics, efficiency, and convenience. The vented log will appear real and set an intimate ambiance, but it will not give off much warmth because most of that goes up the chimney. The vent-free fireplaces and logs are more portable and more “green”, but the flame is small and blue and the fireplaces require more effort to guarantee safety.

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Fireplace tool sets Nothing is like a fireplace to provide both warmth and atmosphere to the home decor, in addition to a decorative focal point. Consistent fireplace operation and maintenance will be enhanced If you have the correct tools handy. There is a wide range of tools you can select including brushes, shovels, tongs and pokers. It is best to think about how you will use your fireplace when you are making up your mind which types of tools will be the most effective to meet your needs. With all of the different styles and materials available you should have no problem finding a set that enhances the look of your home. While wrought iron is perhaps the most popular material, you can also find terrific sets made from brass and steel. Consider the materials that are already featured in your room and look for a set to match. You can add a wonderful decorative screen to improve the safety of the fireplace without worrying about popping embers.

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Gas fireplace logs You can enjoy the look and warmth of a traditional fireplace without all the work involved by installing a gas fueled fireplace in your house. These units could be set up in your traditional brick or stone firebox, or you can buy a stand-alone type to go in any room you want. These wonderful devices are on the market in modern, country rustic, or conventional decor styles. People love the sight of fire dancing around chunks of wood and these gas-powered logs are very realistic and highly satisfying. There are two kinds of gas-powered fireplaces, “direct vent” which can vent through the roof or the wall and “b-vent” which needs to vent through the roof only. There are vent-free models on the market but you need to be aware of the humidity issues involved and that some states won’t allow them. As long as you follow the directions established by the manufacturer, and you have the proper tools and skills, installation of these devices is an excellent do-it-yourself undertaking.


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Maintaining your fireplace with the proper accessories There are many different kinds of fireplace products from which you can select. Some of the factors to evaluate when making your buying decisions are the kind of fuel you use in your fireplace, the size of the firebox, and the design plan that will look best in your home. There are many fireplace accessories that perform an entirely decorative function while lots of others are necessary to tend to the fire as well. Grates are set up inside the firebox to raise the fire off the floor and provide better air flow around the logs of a wood burning fireplace. Tongs and pokers are used to move hot wood or coals around to get the maximum performance from your fireplace. Any wood burning fireplace will need the extra safety that comes with a good screen. Many screens are made with decorative stylings such as glass panels or graphics to enhance their appearance. When looking for fireplace accessories make sure to take you time and determine which ones will help to enhance the safety and functionality of your fireplace.

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