Baby Nursery Theme – From Baby Crib To Baby’s Haven With Nursery Theme Décor

A baby nursery theme designed around your baby’s crib or cot, baby furniture and crib bedding set, enables you to put together a room that becomes an environment of comfort, safety, security, nurturing, stimulation, and delight. Perhaps you have chosen a classic Pooh crib baby nursery theme idea, or Lady Bug nursery decor as a baby girl nursery theme. Perhaps you have decided that your little one will thrive in a Pottery Barn Kids dinosaur baby boy nursery decor environment, or any of the countless other baby nursery themes. A common thread throughout the nursery helps to create a tranquil, organized, and cozy feeling for both you and your baby.


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Your baby nursery theme will be built around the crib you choose. For your baby’s safety, it is vital that you consider baby cribs from reputable manufacturers. A wide variety of styles, finishes, and colors are available, to blend in with your baby nursery theme. Some of the most commonly used baby furniture ranges include Bellini baby furniture, Pali cribs, Jenny Lind Cribs, Pottery Barn Kids cribs, the Simmons crib range, and the Delta Luv Jenny Lind 4750-1 cribs.

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While choosing a baby nursery theme idea, you have the option to choose a round crib, a portable crib, a canopy crib, or even an Amby Baby Hammock, which is extremely effective as far as a relief for infant acid reflux is concerned. However, a standard convertible crib is the most common baby nursery theme cot choice and will give you a wide selection of crib bedding to choose from.

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A baby crib or cot for twins is also available. The baby nursery theme will probably determine whether you opt for a classic or contemporary style crib, a sleigh style crib, one with round spindled sides, or an arched back.

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A sensible choice as part of any baby nursery theme would be one of the convertible cribs. Most of the baby furniture ranges have this as an option. A convertible crib extends the life of the baby cot, and enable you to use it as a toddler bed later on. Many of the convertible baby cribs also have the option of conversion to a full size bed.

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Apart from convertibility, features to keep in mind when examining cribs and cots include having at least one drop side. Irrespective of the baby nursery theme, the crib should also have plastic teething rails, casters, and a secure, adjustable crib mattress support. The crib mattress needs to fit snugly into the baby cot, and the quality has to live up to baby crib safety standards.

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The material used in the manufacturing process of the crib, will determine the price. The most common materials used are solid wood, pressboard or particle board, durable Medium Density Fiberboard, and iron. If price is no objection in your baby nursery theme, choose a crib made of maple or oak. For finishing, only non-toxic paint should be used.

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Crib safety should be first and foremost in your mind, not your baby nursery theme. Various organizations on the internet are striving to give parents up to date information regarding the crib features that may present a danger. It is a good idea to do some reading, before you make a decision about a crib or cot, and other baby furniture. It is also for this reason that it may not be advisable to choose an older, used crib.

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Once you have your baby furniture in place, you can set out to find the rest of the baby nursery theme idea items. Whether you have custom nursery decor in mind, or will be purchasing ready-made ranges, have fun while giving life to the baby nursery theme picture you have in your mind.

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